Announcing: Serial Dining in Woodside!

At the risk of reinforcing the stereotype that fat chicks are obsessed with food, let me talk about food for a minute. Years ago, I was sitting on an airplane reading the in-flight magazine, when I came across an article on a group of Toronto residents called the Serial Diners. These folks were essentially eating their way through the restaurant section of the Toronto phone book, one restaurant per week, in alphabetical order. Turns out, they’re still around all these years later. They’ve been at it since 1989, and they’re currently in the K’s. You can read about them here.

Anyway, I like the serial dining idea. It appeals to the systematic part of me that really likes structure and process, and it also appeals to the part of me that really just loves to try new restaurants and hates the idea of inadvertently overlooking a neighborhood gem. And let me just tell you, my neighborhood has gems. We live in an ethnically diverse neighborhood of Queens called Woodside. People from all over the world live here, and the local restaurants reflect this diversity, from the Irish diner to one of the best Thai restaurants anywhere in the city. Who wouldn’t want to serially dine here?

I have recruited my boyfriend to participate in this endeavor with me. He loves to eat out, he knows a lot about ethnic food, and he’s pretty fearless when it comes to trying new things. To be honest, he has not bought into the idea of serial dining 100%. He’s a bit of a foodie, and the idea of eating a burger at a chain restaurant just because it’s in the phone book and that’s the rule… well, that isn’t necessarily his thing. But he’s up for the adventure, and he’s willing to endure an eventual trip to Pizza Hut if it means we get to try the cool new Korean place and finally find out why Ecuadorians like fried guinea pigs so much.

Stay tuned for the rules of engagement and the official restaurant list.  If you’re in the neighborhood and you’d like to join us, feel free!


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2 Responses to “Announcing: Serial Dining in Woodside!”

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