Serial Dining Woodside: The Rules

Before my better half and I embark on this crazy adventure, I figure I should put together a set of rules to keep us on track.  The original Toronto Serial Diners have a lot of rules, some of which will work for us, some not so much. Here is our proposed set of rules:

1. Since we do not have a printed copy of the yellow pages in our apartment, we will use the Yahoo Yellow Pages. The YYPs probably change all the time, so I will create a definitive list based on a YYP search of all restaurants in zip code 11377 as of yesterday.
2. If a restaurant goes out of business, obviously we wont’ eat there. However, if a new restaurant opens at the same address by the time we get there, we will eat there, because hey, we’re already there, right?
3. If there is more than one of the same chain restaurant (so far this appears to be true only for Boston Market), we will eat at one representative location and skip the rest.
4. If it’s on the list, it counts as a restaurant, even if it’s a Starbucks or some cheesy bodega with the word “deli” in its name masquerading as a restaurant. The list shall be held sacred, and we will attempt to eat something at every place listed on it, except when rule #3 applies.
5. The list is the list, based on yesterday’s search. If a new restaurant opens, we will have to wait until we make it to Z and start over before we get to eat there. That is, unless it occupies a space left by a restaurant that is on our list but closed before we got there, in which case rule #2 applies.
6. We’ll try to hit at least one or two restaurants a week. If you want to join us, let us know so we can tell you when to go. Obviously you will know WHERE to go, because the list is in alphabetical order and I will post it to the blog.

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