SDW #1: Two Ways Restaurant

Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby.

That was the fortune in my cookie tonight at Two Ways Restaurant. You may be wondering how a restaurant that starts with a “T” could be the first stop on our alphabetical list of all of Woodside’s restaurants. The short answer is, on Yahoo they’re listed as 2Ways. Personally, I think they knew what we were planning and cheated to jump to the top of the list.


Two Ways is so named because it features both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. We tried the Chinese, but the Japanese looked like mostly standard sushi like dragon rolls, California rolls, etc. Their beer menu has one token Japanese beer (Sapporo) and one token Chinese beer (Tsing Dao), in addition to Bud and Heineken. In fact, you can infer from the beer menu exactly what type of restaurant this is– garden variety American-style Chinese Takeout. The kind of Chinese restaurant actual Chinese people don’t eat in. Still, for what it is, it was pretty good.

I had egg drop soup and Happy Family, which is your basic multi-meat, multi-vegetable stir fry over rice. They do offer brown rice, which I like, because I like to do whole grains whenever possible, although I realize this totally compromises the authenticity of the meal. The soup was just how I like it– not too thick, and not too salty. Truthfully, I could subsist entirely on eggdrop soup and a couple of vegetables, I love the stuff so much. And I was happy with the soup at Two Ways. The Happy Family was just fine– it was not drowning in sauce, the veggies were not overcooked, and neither were the meats (beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, scallops). Still, my This Is Too American radar went off because there were crinkle-cut carrots among the veggies. Is a carrot even remotely Chinese?


Happy Family

Allan had wonton soup, which he was happy with, and cashew chicken. Overall he thought it was good as standard Chinese takeout food goes, except once again the carrots were there, and celery, too. CELERY, y’all. Celery just does not belong in stirfry. It just doesn’t.

The decor was classic Chinese Food To Eat In Or Take Out: jade Buddha statue, white plastic cat with big eyes and one waving hand, bamboo plant, lanterns, etc. They also had a lot of blinking lights and paintings of flowers done in pink and grey and black that looked like they were straight out of the 1980s. But in this type of place, all of that works perfectly. The best feature of the decor: The monitor from their security cameras, which pointed out into the restaurant, so you could watch the view of the parking lot, the back alley, and the inside of the restaurant flash by as you ate. Here we are, as seen from the POV of the security cam:


Allan and I caught on the security cam!

You can see the owner giving me a strange look. I’m going to go ahead and guess that most people do not take photographs of his security video feed.

We spent $32.15 plus tax and tip, and we came home with enough leftovers for a nice lunch tomorrow. This is far from the best ethnic food Woodside has to offer, and in fact this could have been a chinese restaurant in any town in America. But I happen to like standard Chinese takeout food, so I was happy. All in all, our Serial Dining project is off to a decent start.

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