SDW#2: The Unassisted Triple Play

Over the summer, Allan and I caught a Mets home game against the Phillies in which one of the rarest things in all of baseball took place: an unassisted triple play. The Phillies second baseman caught the batted ball to get the batter out, touched second base to get the runner on his way back to second, and tagged the runner on his way toward him from first base. It all happened so fast, I wouldn’t have known what it was or how rare it was were it not for the fact that Allan notices everything and is also the King Of All Sports Trivia.

Tonight, we achieved the first ever Serial Dining Woodside Triple Play: We knocked out the next three places on our list in a single evening.

First, there was the 47 Deli Grocery, which is, of course, not a restaurant at all.  It’s just a garden variety bodega which appears inexplicably on the list of Woodside restaurants in the Yahoo Yellow Pages. I can tell just by looking at the list that there are many more of these. But the list is the list, so we went inside in search of good eats.

47 Deli Grocery

47 Deli Grocery

We picked out some sunflower seeds for protein and heart-healthy fats, and then moved on to the good stuff.  Convenience stores in Woodside stock a lot of products from Central and South America, including a line of baked goods called Bimbo and a lot of great sodas made with real sugar.  Apparently, Bimbo sponsors a pretty well-known professional soccer team somewhere, and there’s a clothing store near our home where you can buy a soccer jersey that proudly says BIMBO all the way across the front.  So if you’re having trouble finding the perfect holiday gift for that special someone, let me know and I’ll give you directions.

Anyway, we selected a package of Bimbo Coconut Crunch Donitas (miniature donuts– sabor de coco!) for dessert, and two bottles of soda:  Allan chose Sidral Mundel apple soda, and I chose Inca Kola, which is bright yellow and tastes exactly like Bazooka bubble gum.  This is not something you can drink every day– it’s so sweet, two or three times a year is way more than enough.  Here is a photo of our feast, which cost us less than five bucks altogether:


Our 47 Deli Grocery Feast

We carried our selections back to the car, where I immediately realized I had a problem:  The cap on my Inca Kola was not a twist-off.  It required a bottle opener, and we didn’t have one.  Meanwhile, it was apparent to us that our meal, although delicious-looking, probably wasn’t enough to sustain us for the rest of the evening, so we moved on to the next place on the list, listed rather cryptically on Yahoo as “49 Restaurants Ltd.”

Turns out, it’s not a restaurant at all.  It’s a nude dancing establishment by the name of Secrets Gentleman’s Club, formerly known as Honey’s.  In other words, a titty bar.  Although Allan assured me that they do, in fact, serve food in these places, I was not about to go watch naked women gyrate on a stage while I ate buffalo wings, so just this once, I insisted that we violate the sanctity of the list and move on.  Not, however, before noting that Secrets’ next door neighbor is, in fact, the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus.  Hilarious.  Now there’s a symbiotic relationship if ever there was one!

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus with nudie bar to the right

Secrets Gentlemans Club

Secrets Gentlemans Club, with the K of C to the left

While I was taking these pictures, Allan was in the car figuring out how to open my bottle of Inca Kola with the metal tab from the seat belt.  Genius.  By the time I got back to the car, it was open and ready to drink.

However, we were still in search of a real dinner, so we moved on yet again to the next place on the list:  52 Sushi.  This is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall takeout place under the 7 train on Roosevelt Avenue.  As it turns out, it is run by a Korean family:  mother, father, and young adult daughter.

52nd Sushi

52nd Sushi

The dining area is tiny, with three tiny tables.  We got there ten minutes before they closed, so eating in was not an option.  We ordered our food to go.  It was clear they wanted us to decide quickly, so we briefly glanced at the menu and blurted out “sushi roll platter.”  While our food was being prepared, we had a chance to look around and investigate their offerings more carefully.  As it turns out, they have a pretty wide variety of options for such a tiny place.  The standard seems to be Sushi Regular, which has as variety of rolls and nagiri for $12.  If we go back there, that’s what I’ll get.

52 Sushi 2

Preparing our sushi!

When our food was ready, we took it back to our apartment.  Turns out, the platter really is a platter– it comes on a huge round plate, and it’s the kind of thing you buy for a party when you have to feed a whole bunch of people.  It came with a quart of some of the best miso soup I’ve ever had, plus a pile of pickled ginger, and a HUGE ball of wasabi.  HUGE, y’all.  The whole thing ran us $35, but it fed the two of us for dinner with enough left over to feed us for lunch tomorrow.  Not a bad value at all.

Sushi platter

Note the Wasabi Planetoid on the top left

The rolls included salmon, tuna, crab, shrimp, eel, California rolls, and at least one other thing we couldn’t quite identify.  The rice could maybe have used a little bit more vinegar, but it wasn’t at all overcooked, and it held together nicely.  The seafood was fresh, and overall we were happy with the meal.  “Surprisingly decent,” said Allan.  We agreed that if we ever have a bunch of people over at our place to whom we want to feed sushi, we would not hesitate to to call 52 Sushi.

Next up: 69th Street Burger Co, which we rather suspect is actually a Burger King.  Stay tuned!

52nd Sushi on Urbanspoon

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