Abused by your boyfriend? We care, but only if you’re thin.

So apparently, a fat chick in Cleveland suffocated her abusive boyfriend by sitting on him.  And the Young Turks covered it on Youtube, and the unwashed masses are guffawing just as you might expect.  Here’s the video:

What everybody seems to be missing here is that this is actually a story about domestic abuse.  The newscasters mention, almost in passing, that there was a long history of domestic abuse in the relationship.  Then they skip right on to the fact that this fat chick crushed her boyfriend (they make sure to tell us what each of them weighed) by sitting on him, which is really the story they wanted to report, and what the Turks wanted to talk about, and what the folks who left comments wanted to laugh at.  The YTs even go so far as to speculate that it’s possible that a fat enough person could crush another person BY ACCIDENT because they might just be too fat to notice if they happen to be facing the other way.  Um, dehumanize much?

Even the title the YT gave to their video is telling:  It’s not “Domestic Abuse Victim Fights Back.”  It’s “300lb Woman Crushes Boyfriend.”

If a thin woman killed her abusive boyfriend, THAT would be the whole story:  Victim of abuse fights back.  Maybe she would go to jail, but if she were just given probation, I bet there would be an outpouring of sympathy for her.  The news coverage would include interviews with her family and friends with stories of the abuse she suffered.  Nobody would feel sorry for the dead guy other than his family.  (The families of these guys never see them as the abusers they are.  The family of Janet Mercerau’s late husband are a perfect example).  In this case, while the family of the dead guy were interviewed and allowed to express their grief, the reporters apparently could not be bothered to interview anybody who knew the girlfriend and could speak about what she endured.  Because that’s not the story, you know?

But it should be.  Here we have a fat chick who fought back.  And she did so, smartly, with the weapon most easily accessible to her.  And the judicial system, which knows more about the case than the YT or anybody else can know from a 60-second story on the evening news, found that there were extenuating circumstances and that she is obviously not a danger to anybody other than the asshole who abused her.  I used to live in Cleveland.  Trust me:  Cleveland has more than enough real murderers to worry about to be sending a battered woman to prison for defending herself.  But who cares about details when you can gawk at the freakshow and hate on fat people?  Apparently, domestic abuse only counts when the victim is thin.

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