Second verse, same as the first: fat-hating the Supreme Court nominee

Well, that didn’t take long.  It was just today (I started this post on Monday) that Obama announced that Solitcitor General and former Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan would be his nominee to replace John Paul Stevens on the United States Supreme Court.  Even before I left for work this morning– before the nomination was even announced– the internet was abuzz with fat-haters bashing Kagan for her weight and her personal appearance, often going so far as to once again assert that fat people have no place on the court.  Didn’t we just go through this with Justice Sotomayor last year?

Here’s a sampling of what a simple Google search turned up this morning:

This genius, posting to ca.politics in Google Groups (wait, didn’t that used to be Usenet?), had this gramatically brilliant thing to say in response to speculation that Kagan is a Zionist and Obama is a traitor for nominating her:

The lady is a obese Jewish lesbian. If confirmed she would be
the third Jew on the Bench.

A reader commenting on a New York Post article shared this thought:

just where does Obama find these overweight, incompetent, old single women to put on the Supreme Court? Craigslist?

Here’s another one from the same group of commentors:

its bad enough she’s a lefto but did he have to pick someone that looks like a hog?

And this one:

Does our skinny black guy president have a thing for overweight white women who make decisions? or what?

This one comes from comments under a video of Kagan at Breitbart TV:

If there is one positive both Sotomoyor and Kagan are both obese and I bet both won’t live more than 15 years.

Has anyone seen Mike Meyers and Kagan in the same room. Kagan looks like a fat Meyers in drag.

This one inexplicably appears in Yahoo Finance in a posting area for the Ford Motor Company.  Bonus homophobia and anti-semitism:

Obese, Jewish, Lesbian. If confirmed this is
what the Court would look like.

1. Three Jews: Ginsburg,Breyer,Kagan

2. Two Lesbians: Sotomayor, Kagan

3 One homosexual: Breyer

4. One eunuch: Souter (never dated, lived with mom until 60.

Some suggest the Court is in “tilt” with a big excess of Jews and Gays.


Somebody at thoughtfully called her Justice the Hutt and helpfully added photos for comparitive purposes.

This comment was under a Daily Kos diary entry about Kagan LAST YEAR when she was in the pool of possibles that was eventually whittled down to Sonia Sotomayor.  I note that the author’s screen name is “micropenis.”  Ahem.

She is overweight

Normally, I wouldn’t care about such a thing, but the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment, and fat people don’t live as long.  I hope Obama does not pick her.

congrats Sonia!

From the comments under a blog post at

Plus, she appears to be fat – who would pick a fat person for anything?
And at, a commentor said this:

Great, another fat, ugly lesbian with no brains, common sense, experience or connection with the real world to wreck havoc with our lives and security.

Commentor Robert at Yahoo News gives us this sharp analysis of the situation:

Sure, she’s ugly, and she’s fat. More important to me is, can she make a fair and impartial decision? From appearance alone, it is obvious she has no self control or pride in herself. What few times I have heard her speak, she said nothing that sounded original at all. She is a follower, not a leader. I would doubt she thinks for herself.

Because, you know, it’s possible to make it all the way to be the dean of Harvard Law School and later the Solicitor General of the United States while having no self-control whatsoever.  Yeah.  Truly.

From Angel Fan and Kenosha Conservative, commenting under the same article:

She’s never sat on the becnh but, from her looks, she’s sat at many a burger stand!

Another big fat lesbo that wants to ruin our country being given way too much power to do soooo. It is a big fat lesbo right? It might be a man but I’m not entirely sure. All i know she’s a country wrecker.

Commentor Damian posting under an article at Politico:

Why is the left so angry? Obama is going to nominate a fat, lesbian jewish woman. That’s three minority groups represented and loved by the left. lol

Commentor James at Politics Daily:

Not only ugly as a two dollar hog but old Elena could stand to miss a few meals along the way also.

This particularly head-explody comment from commentor Oldexpat at

A moderate to them means that she is a marxist who doesn’t carry an AK47.
So now we will have two fat ugly female supreme court justices. What kind of example will they set for our young women?

Because…. SRSLY?!?!?!?!  Being a SUPREME COURT FREAKING JUSTICE is not enough of an example for young women????  If you’re not thin and pretty, there is NO HEIGHT to which a woman can rise that counts for anything?  The mind just boggles.  And boggles and boggles and boggles.

One Response to “Second verse, same as the first: fat-hating the Supreme Court nominee”

  1. Dyanne Says:

    What I want to know is who was the first, and who’s the next? 🙂 😛
    “Great, another fat, ugly lesbian with no brains, common sense, experience or connection with the real world to wreck havoc with our lives and security.”

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