Holy deliberately missing the point, Batman!

An old schoolmate of mine posted this to Facebook today:

Good Looks Hurt Women’s Employment Chances, Study Finds

Um, no.  That’s not what the study finds.

You can click through and read the whole article if you want, but let me sum it up for you:  Physically attractive women have an advantage in hiring for just about every type of job, and they make more money on average than women who are less attractive.  But in a small number of tradionally male-dominated fields, the hotties are less successful than the notties.  And Erin Donnelly of StyleList concludes from this information that “Good Looks Hurt Women’s Employment Chances.”

The photo illustration accompanying the article reminds me of nothing so much as the woman who claimed Citibank fired her because she was too hot.  Memo to the tragically hot:  Wearing suits that are a size too small for you in order to draw attention to yourself may turn some heads in Accounting in the short term but won’t get you taken seriously in the boardroom in the long term.  Thank you.  Drive through.

So.  Ms. Donnelly.  I don’t even know what to say.  Her conclusion is exactly the OPPOSITE of what the facts stated in her own post support.  If you have an advantage in every possible way except a tiny circumscribed few, then you have an advantage.  I’m gonna guess Ms. D either never learned analytical skills in college, or (even worse) she knows how to draw conclusions from facts but chooses not to, because a more sensationalistic title garners more clicks.  If you’re gonna be that irresponsible, please stop writing.

To be fair, this IS StyleList, and not, say, CNN.com.  But still.

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