Head-explody Levi’s jeans ad fail

Don’t get me started on why I hate those Levi’s “Go Forth” ads where they try to convince young people that Levi’s are a piece of  ageless Americana, and if you wear them, you are just like the pioneers.  Whatever.  I might have bought that noise if Levi Strauss hadn’t totally abandoned their working class American heritage by shipping all of their manufacturing jobs overseas to increase their profits, thus rendering thousands of Californians jobless.

But that’s not the ad campaign that’s ticking me off right now.  It’s this one, which keeps showing up on my Facebook page:

Three identical butts

It says “hotness comes in all shapes and sizes,” but the illustration shows what appears to me to be three more or less identical backsides.  Note to Levi’s:  You cannot represent “all shapes and sizes” with a picture of three skinny chicks.  Thank you.  Drive through.

One Response to “Head-explody Levi’s jeans ad fail”

  1. I’m still pissed about the Levi’s thing, apparently. « The Fat Chick Diaries Says:

    […] pissed about the Levi’s thing, apparently. By thefatchickdiaries A couple of days ago I wrote this about the Facebook ad currently running for Levi’s new “Curve ID” jeans.  […]

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