Inventor of the glycemic index diet dies at 66

Another one from the “you can do everything right and still die young” files:

Michel Montignac, who invented the concept of losing weight by choosing foods with a low glycemic index, has died at age 66.  You can read the New York Times obituary here.

So he follows in the path of Atkins, who also attempted to revolutionize the way we eat and help us all get thin and healthy, only to die an early death himself.  Not that I’m equating him with Atkins; I think his ideas hold a lot more merit than Atkins’ did.  Preventing huge rushes of insulin into the bloodstream does seem helpful on its face, and choosing less-processed foods over more-processed foods seems more likely to provide our bodies what they evolved to eat.  It just really catches my attention when a diet guru dies young.

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