Blaming the fatties for the cost of healthcare: Who’s being lazy NOW, hmmm?

Saw this excellent post tonight on the HealthBeat blog.  Contained in the post is a link to a previous post by the author which is also worth reading.

The upshot of both:  Yes, the average annual cost of treating fatties is higher than the average annual cost for treating non-fatties, but fatties are actually cheaper in the long run, and that’s not what’s really behind the sharp increase in healthcare costs.

There are several reasons why healthcare has become more expensive, the big one being that there’s so much more healthcare to be had.  There is new technology, new procedures, and new medications that did not exist before, so sick people of all shapes and sizes have more treatment options available to them, and all of those things cost money.

The average annual cost to treat a fatty is higher than for a thin person, but fatties don’t live as long, so the lifetime cost of our care is lower.  And that’s not even taking into account all those years of Social Security we won’t be collecting.

And thus, even if you found a way to shrink every fat person down to a size four, you won’t solve the crisis of healthcare costs.  Yet all we hear from public officials, policy wonks, etc., is that the obesity epidemic is to blame for spiraling  healthcare costs.  Because it’s easier to say that and play blame-the-fatty than to understand, discuss, and address the truth.  Who’s being lazy now, hmmm?

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