More on those Levi’s Curve IDon’t Jeans ads

Happened to come across this just now on my lunch hour:

FatChic ran this post about the dread Levi’s Curve ID jeans, apparently misreporting that they go up to a size 24, which AFAIK they do not.  They imbed the video ad that shows, well, an endless parade of very skinny women with pretty much the same shape in order to illustrate the point that women come in all different shapes.  Geniuses.

Michelle Norris from NPR interviewed a WaPo fashion writer about them and attempted to pin her down on the point that even the allegedly bold-curve models are skinny chicks:

NORRIS: Right now, Levi’s is talking about offering three different custom fits when this program launches in September: slight curve, demi-curve and bold curve for women who have a little bit more bump in the rump. Now, there’s curvy, and then there’s really curvy, and when I look at these pictures, these women all look to me to be fairly slim.

Ms. GIVHAN: Well, there’s curvy, and then there’s curvy as a euphemism for plus-size. And these are – they’re not going into the plus-size realm here. The sizing goes up to about a 34-inch waist, I think, which really works, you know, out to being maybe a size 14, you know, give or take.

So in other words, they’re all about the curves, as long as they’re not TOO curvy, because then they would be plus-size, and that would be just gross.  I paraphrase.  A bit.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.  As always, the fun is to be had at Boing Boing, where the commenters take Levi’s soundly to task for using fairly identically-shaped skinny chicks to illustrate how women come in all different shapes


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