Well, well, well. Another weight loss drug bites the dust.

This time it’s Meridia.  And once again, it’s because people who take it are showing an increased risk of exactly the medical problems that everybody claims are the reasons fatties should be taking these drugs to begin with:  heart attack and stroke.

Saw it first here at Living 400Lbs,  which in turn led me here to a CNN article about it.  According to the CNN article:

1. The drug increases your weight loss by only 5%, but…

2. It increases your rate of heart attack, stroke, and death by 16%!

Did you catch that?  Meridia harms people at more than THREE TIMES the rate it helps them!  What a FABULOUS FREAKIN’ DRUG THAT IS!

And by peddling this monstrous thing to 8 million people worldwide, Abbott Labs was projected to make $30 million profit this year.  But, heroes that they are, the humanitarians at Abbott Labs are voluntarily pulling the drug from the market.  Maybe they’re concerned about our health and welfare.  Or, y’know, maybe just keeping the size of the class in the class-action suit under control.


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