Coupon Code for Navabi! Knock yourselves out!

In case you missed this, posted as a comment under my post about lagenlook-style clothes:

Maryam Says:
November 3, 2010 at 9:35 AM | Reply edit


this is the Managing Director of navabi. I read your post and would like to give you and your readers a coupon code . If you are interested id be glad to get in touch. Just write me an email to

Looking forward to hear from you.



Go for it, ladies! I just bought my first two items from Navabi last week, and I am THRILLED with them!  If you click the link to Navabi on the original post, you ‘ll see that it now points to a message telling that the item in question is no longer available.  That’s because I bought the last two in stock– two gorgeous, long, loose, 100% Merino wool sweaters by Barbara Speer.  But there are lots of other great items there, so go browse around, save up your pennies, and buy something!

Also, I have to give Navabi praise for their fast shipping.  They’re in Germany, and they ship via DHL.  The day I bought these sweaters, I also ordered two pairs of shoes from Footsmart and some items from Hanes, both of which are here in the U.S.  The Navabi order was the first one to get here.  The Hanes stuff showed up a few days later, and the shoes STILL aren’t here.  So two very enthusiastic thumbs up for the super-fast shipping from Navabi!  I am definitely a fan!




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