SD#9: Braulio’s Y Familia: You must listen. They’ve got the conch.

We’ve been at this for just over a year, and we’ve only had 8 serial dining adventures so far.  That’s pretty pitiful.  So one of my new year’s resolutions is to get out and enjoy the diversity of Woodside dining options by picking up the pace of our serial dining project.  Next up on the list:  Braulio’s y Familia, 3908 63rd St, just north of Roosevelt Ave.

After last time, when we ate lunch at Cumbre and I thought having some soup with my meal was a perfectly reasonable thing to do, I decided it would be wise to start researching restaurants a bit better before we go.  Fortunately, the city is full of foodies, and virtually every restaurant in the five boroughs has been reviewed online at least once or twice, usually by people infinitely more knowledgeable than I.  Between the bloggers and the many people who comment on their posts, there’s a lot of info to be had.

Braulio’s is Ecuadorian. If you Google, you will discover that they’re known for their Ecuadorian-style ceviche, especially at Chowhound.  So we decided that, no matter what else we ordered, we were definitely going to try the ceviche.

We went on January 30, when the neighborhood still looked like this:

I can haz Snowpocalypse?

Our car isn’t in this picture, but it was similarly entombed in snow and ice, so we walked.  Walking itself was kind of tricky, but we made it.  Here’s Braulio’s:

I’ve seen this place described on Yelp as family-friendly but on Chowhound as a creepy place that hires hot waitresses to serve mostly single men eating alone.  When we went, the waitress was perfectly normal, but there were so few other people there it was hard to tell what the current regular crowd is like.  Sunday afternoon in bad weather is apparently not a peak time for Braulio’s.

We couldn’t decide among the varieties of ceviche, so we went for the combo:  ceviche triple.  Shrimp, fish, and conch.  You can do it over rice or scoop it up on fried plantain chips.  Both ways are amazing.  They say Ecuardorian-style ceviche is really soupy, and it’s true.  I didn’t drink it right out of the bowl as some people do, but it did make the over-rice option particularly awesome.  Here’s the ceviche:

Ceviche Triple

After that, Allan had hen soup, and I had arroz marinero, which is mixed seafood in/on rice.  Here they are:

Hen soup

Arroz Marinero Ecuatoriano

Does that look like it could feed about a dozen people?  It can.  I’m sorry to say I had to leave most of it behind because we were on our way into Manhattan for the rest of the day and a doggy bag was not an option.

I’m partial to seafood to begin with, so chances are I was going to like these dishes.  No surprise, I absolutely loved them.  I have no clue how Braulio’s does with meat dishes, but their seafood rocks.  This was not a cheap bill– the ceviche alone ran us over twenty bucks.  The total, including all the food plus drinks, was $57.71 plus tip.  But there are far more reasonable things on the menu.

On our way out, we passed (who I assume to be) Braulio himself on his way in, and he stopped us to ask if we had enjoyed our meal and were happy with the service.  The finishing touch on an already lovely dining experience.

Braulio's Y Familia Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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