SD #14: Proof That Decor & Taste Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

On July 29, we visited the next restaurant on our list. It’s on the list as Del Rey Taco, but in fact it’s actually called El Rey Del Taco Deli, and it’s at 4906 43rd Ave. If you parked a taco truck in the back of a bodega and tossed in some simple seating, you’d have El Rey Del Taco. I mean that in a really good way.

One of the thing you learn when you move to New York City is that what a restaurant looks like and how good the food is often have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. In fact, the very best, most authentic food often comes from the homeliest little holes in the wall. In fact, sometimes there are no walls at all– sometimes they sell it out of a truck right on the street. This is an especially great way to buy tacos, and Queens has some of the best taco trucks around. I’m amazed Taco Bell can even survive in Queens at all with all of the infinitely more authentic, affordable options.

Most of the bodegas in Woodside are just bodegas, but some of them have grills in the back and they’ll cook you anything from a basic egg sandwich to some awesome short-order ethnic food. El Rey Del Taco is a place like that. It looks like a convenience store from the front, but there’s a grill in the back, and they offer a variety of tacos and other Mexican food.  The seating area is clean and looks pretty new, but you’re still in a bodega, so you do have to contend with the fact that you’ll be dining with a lovely view of the drain cleaner, laundry detergent, and deodorizing disinfectant.  But once the food comes, you instantly no longer mind that.

Here’s what the place looks like from the outside:

El Rey Del Taco Deli

Here’s what it looks like in the dining area in the back:

When we walked back into the grill area, one of the regulars saw that we had never been there before, gushed enthusiastically about how good and cheap the food is, and told me we MUST start with #5– the tacos. We headed to the counter and placed our order. I ordered the tacos: one chicken, one beef, and one carnitas. Allan ordered the quesadillas al pastor. While we waited, we browsed their selection of American and Mexican sodas and beers.  Here’s our food:

Mmm... tacos and quesadillas!

Accompanied by a couple of apple sodas, these dishes were absolutely delicious!  I’m writing this post long after our visit because, hey, sometimes I get busy.  So I don’t remember exactly what this outing cost us.  But I do remember it was very cheap.  So if you’re up for some authentic Mexican classics at a price that won’t bust your wallet, this is a great choice.

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