No Poo Update: I can’t believe I left the house like this!

I am remiss in that I did not remember to take a true “before” picture when I decided to embark upon the no-poo express.  Actually, scratch that.  It’s already clear to me that this will not be an express.  The no-poo local, then.  Anyway, I didn’t take a “before” picture so anyone who doesn’t see my hair everyday anyway could still see how my hair is going to change (hopefully for the better) with this experiment.  But for what it’s worth, here’s a picture of my hair last night:

As close to a no-poo "before" picture as I'm gonna get

To recap, here’s what I had done to my hair prior to the taking of this photo yesterday:

  • A week of low-poo (daily shampooing with absolutely minimal shampoo) last week
  • A baking soda rinse (BSR) followed with an apple cider vinegar rinse (ACVR) on Saturday
  • Same thing again on Sunday
  • A simple water rinse (WR) on Monday
  • BSR/ACVR on Tuesday morning, but with less of each than I used on the weekend

My plan from here on out is to do a BSR/ACVR every other day with a water rinse on the in-between days.  I’ve read that brushing with a natural boar bristle brush helps distribute scalp oil away from the roots and down the shaft, which is good for you hair but also makes your roots a bit less of a grease pit in the in-between days.  So I bought myself a boar brush on the way home from work last night and channeled my inner Jan Brady.  Here’s what my hair looked like after several minutes of brushing to distribute the oils:

Same day as "before" pic, but after a thorough brushing with boar bristles

So yeah, lots of redistribution of resources took place.  That was last night.  Today was a water rinse day.  Monday was one too, but this was different from that for a couple of reasons.  First, before Monday I had done a BSR/ACVR on BOTH of the preceding days.  Second, Tuesday morning’s BSR/ACVR involved a LOT less BS/ACV, so my hair was carrying a lot more oil, as is horrifyingly obvious in the post-boar picture above.  This was going to be bad.  Baaaaaaaaaad.

I hopped in the shower, gave my hair a very thorough rinsing in water warmer than I would normally use, did the rest of my shower routine, and gave my hair another thorough rinsing and a thorough scalp massage to go with it.  I could feel a lot of oil up there during this process, and I knew I was in for an epically tragic hair day.  I was right.  Here’s a picture of my hair this morning:

My hair this morning, after a water rinse.

Now, ponytails just are not an option for me.  I have a pretty significant surgical scar on the left side of my head that starts over my left ear and curves all the way around behind my ear and down my neck.  Seventeen stitches worth.  Underneath my hair, I’m the Bride of Frankenstein.  Pigtails actually do a pretty good job of hiding it because the pigtail sits right on top of the scar rather than above it.  But I can’t really wear pigtails to work, and a ponytail exposes the whole scar.  It scares children.  I don’t say that for comedic effect; I say it because it actually happened.  Years ago, not long after I had the surgery itself, a kid standing behind me in line at the grocery store nearly lost his shit when he saw it.  So I generally don’t wear ponytails out of the house.

Fortunately, my wonderful mother-in-law had given me a beautiful scarf from the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a Christmas gift, so I decided twist it into a headband and pull a Hillary Clinton.  (For the very young:  back when she was the first lady, Hillary was the headband queen of the universe.)  It didn’t solve the problem, but it helped.

Tonight, I gave my hair another good brushing with the boar bristle brush.  I can definitely see the value of the boar brush and distributing scalp oil all the way down the hair shaft.  In fact, I really like the idea of going to bed and letting my moisture-starved ends suck up all of this oil overnight.  But doing this turns me from a localized greasepit to an all-over greasepit.  In fact, my hair actually looks significantly darker right now than it did yesterday morning.  You know when you drop a piece of salad on your shirt and you wind up with an oil stain, and the reason you know it’s there is because that spot is obviously darker than the rest of the shirt?  I think the same principle is at work.  Here’s what my hair looks like right this minute, just as I’m getting ready to post this and crawl into bed:

Tonight, after a good brushing with the boar bristle brush. Thank goodness tomorrow is a wash day!

Tomorrow I get to do another BS wash.  Instead of conditioning with ACV, I’m going to try a green tea rinse.  Tonight’s googling has told me that it may be a better choice for greasmonkeys like me.  Stay tuned!



One Response to “No Poo Update: I can’t believe I left the house like this!”

  1. Ashley Pariseau Says:

    Very interesting experiment here. I couldn’t do it. I hate when my hair gets oily.

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